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L+L Retail is a complete integrated Retail solution - providing Point-of-Sales (POS), Order Processing, Goods Receipts, as well as Inventory Management features to allow you to seamlessly operate the principal operations in your Store. This Windows system also offers multi-user access, user-defined layouts, multi-store management (Branch Management), Price management, Rights module, Reorder module which gives list of all the Articles whose current quantity is below the "Lower Limit" set via the "Level Setting" screen. You can place an order for the Articles on display in this screen, and extensive Retail Statistical and Analytical Data. There is provision for both sized and no-sized article in the system. Interfaces have been provided for Barcode reading, Barcode printing using TEC printer. List Header Facility helps to view only selected data in selected order. New accounts interface to the system has also been implemented other leading Retail Applications, have different editions designed for single and multiple Stores and hence require an upgrade if you wish to expand to multiple Stores HANDEL is designed to work as either a Branch or a Central Store. As a Branch, you can record your daily activities within HANDEL and send/receive regular updates to/from your Central Store.